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L3VEL3 After Shave Cologne Kit
Our after shave set is three kinds of awesome, whether you use it, promote it, or gift it.

Choice, variety, diversity – these are all good things, especially when it comes to fragrance. After all, every guy has his own personal taste and deserves a scent that matches his style. Our after shave cologne kit offers choice and then some, with a fragrance for every mood and occasion.It also makes a unique gift set for the man who likes to smell as good as he looks.

After Shave Cologne Kit

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  • It contains our next-level after shave cologne in three exhilarating aromas: Fresh, Aqua, and Vibrant. It’s a great way to discover your signature scent and gives your barber shop clients more options too.

    Key Features

    • Includes our three signature cologne scents: Fresh, Aqua, and Vibrant
    • Allows your clients to choose their favorite scent after their shave
    • Levels-up your service and shows you only recommend the best
    • An ideal gift set for someone special (or a treat for your fine self)
    • Each cologne protects, moisturizes, and soothes post-shave skin

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Our after shave kit is a great introduction to the unique L3VEL3 scent collection. The kit includes one each of Fresh, Aqua, and Vibrant after shave – a trio of dynamic colognes with benefits for skin and senses. It’s a versatile set you can keep for yourself, gift to the man in your life, or promote to clients in your barber shop. Already use and love our cologne? This set is a great-value way to stock up for home and professional purposes.

    Used as a barber cologne, this will enhance your client’s experience and transform his skin. The formula moisturizes and revitalizes shaved skin, providing instant relief while protecting against cuts, breakouts, and razor bumps. It reduces redness, inflammation, and irritation for a smoother, clearer face. With the ingredients and fragrance combined, this cologne really brings the zing.

    Clients will go wild for all of that, so let them recreate the feeling at home. Make a promotional display with this after shave kit, to elevate your service and give clients what they want. The cologne bottles absolutely lend themselves to an eye-catching and effective display; seriously, those colors will pop! Selling and recommending L3VEL3 products will grow your reputation as a pro.

    For those not in the barber game, this makes an excellent after shave gift set. You’ll be giving the gift of smoother skin and stimulating scent, which will certainly be appreciated. Whether the giftee is new to shaving or reliant on his razor, this set is a sure bet.  

    How to Use

    • After shaving, rinse the skin with cold water and pat dry
    • Pour a small amount of cologne into your palms
    • Rub your palms together to distribute the cologne
    • Apply to the face evenly, massaging into the skin

    Works Great With…
    Level-up your hair care game too, by promoting our styling products alongside this cologne. You can easily stock up on and sell our Hair Pomade, Cream Gel, and more, to help clients recreate epic looks at home.

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