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L3VEL3 Beveled Spray BottleOur hair spray bottle is the ultimate mix of innovation, performance, and style.

With everything here at L3VEL3, the goal is to elevate. So we’ve developed a hair water spray bottle that optimizes the way you work and upgrades your clients’ experience. The bottle fits comfortably in your hand and delivers a powerful, continuous spray with minimal effort. It also boasts a sexy, beveled design that’ll make you stand out. 

Beveled Spray Bottle

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  • Key Features

    • Produces a continuous, super-fine mist to cover large areas more quickly
    • Distributes water evenly, optimizing the task and enabling great results
    • Ergonomic, beveled bottle is easy and comfortable to hold for long periods
    • Refillable and reusable, combining functionality with high-end looks
    • Available in black, white, and clear to match your personal style

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Even with the simplest of barber shop tasks, there’s always room for improvement. So we’re here to shake-up your system with our beveled spray bottle. It’s a bottle you’ll lust after - a fusion of cutting-edge performance and stunning looks. The specially designed trigger makes spraying easy and more efficient, so you can focus on your art knowing the basics are nailed. Pro status is an aspiration; becoming a master is #life.

    Exploring the mechanics of this hair mist bottle, you’ll discover an innovative continuous spray design. The trigger produces an endless, super-fine mist from a single squeeze, so you can quickly and effortlessly cover large areas of hair. Trigger operation is smooth to help reduce hand fatigue, while the mist is distributed evenly for optimal results. Who knew there was a better way to spray?

    The barber spray bottle itself makes an impression, showcasing superior functionality and looks to match. It’s a sleek piece but easy to grip, thanks to the cleverly contoured design and beveled pattern. Even if your hands are wet, you won’t drop this bottle or stumble over pressing the trigger. Easily refillable and holding a convenient amount of liquid, this bottle will be your ride or die when you need to spray someone’s hair.

    A choice of three colors and that standout beveled design put our spray bottle on the best-dressed list. The black version looks minimalist and edgy. White looks contemporary and fresh. Clear makes a statement and offers yet more convenience, allowing you to see how much spray you have left. Use this continuous spray bottle for hair that needs moistening before cutting. Fill the bottle with tonic to amp up the gloss on a finished style. Our beveled spray bottle performs like a dream, optimizes the way you work, and looks exclusive. 

    300ml refillable bottle. Available in black, white, and white/clear.

    How to Use

    • Fill the bottle with water or the tonic of your choice
    • Gently squeeze the trigger to produce a continuous mist
    • Even large areas will be covered uniformly, ensuring great results

    Works Great With…
    Protect your client’s face and eyes with our handy Face Shield Protector. Though slimline and lightweight, it prevents spray from being inhaled or irritating the eyes. When the hair is damp, grab our 9-Piece Hair Comb Set and choose your fighter to create the perfect part.

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