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L3VEL3 Professional Soft Bristle Brush

Improve your detail work by sweeping away loose hairs with our optimizing soft bristle brush.

Loose hairs can get in the way when you’re checking the fine details, so use our soft bristle brush to swish them outta sight. It features a rounded head with baby-soft bristles that remove stray hairs without scratching or irritating the skin. The black, rubberized-wood body is easy to sanitize and looks sophisticated too.

Bristle Brush

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  • Use this brush between every cut or razor stroke and you’ll quickly spot any imperfections in your designs. 

    Key Features

    • Super-soft bristles remove loose hair without irritating your client’s skin
    • Rubberized wood body for durability, a comfortable grip, and easy cleaning
    • Compact design fits neatly in your apron pocket or barber cart
    • Optimizes your performance of fades and detail work
    • The quickest and most professional way to sweep away hair debris

    Why It’s a Game-Changer

    Creating an epic burst fade or precision-cut hair art takes real skill. It also requires the client’s scalp and neck to be completely free of loose hairs and debris. A regular brush is ineffective and scratchy; blowing on the back of your client’s neck is just plain wrong and gross. Instead, choose our fade brush to quickly clean the skin between cuts.

    Featuring a rounded head packed with ultra-soft bristles, this brush removes every trace of debris from the skin. Crucially for your client’s comfort, it does so without scratching or causing irritation. And crucially for you, it allows you to get into the nitty-gritty of your design, unhindered by random stray hairs. Flaws will be easy to spot and fix. Your artistic genius will shine. The resulting haircut will turn heads, you’ll go viral, cue the applause.  

     As for the body and handle of this fade hair brush, they’re just as smart and serviceable. Made of rubberized wood, the brush feels comfortable in your hand and offers exceptional grip during use. It’s neat and compact, making it easy to carry and store. And the smooth surface makes it a breeze to clean and sanitize between clients. Finished in black, it also looks sleek and high-end without the high price tag.

    If slick fades and intricate patterns are your specialty, don’t sleep on this soft bristle brush. It’s cleverly designed to banish every last loose hair for a clearer view of your handiwork. It does so without irritating your client’s skin, which he’ll surely appreciate. All of that enhances your level of service and puts your skills in the spotlight.

    Dimensions: 5.75” L x 1.5” W

    How to Use

    • Gently brush across your client’s neck or head
    • The soft bristles will sweep away any loose hairs
    • Remove hairs and sanitize brush after each use

    Works Great With…

    Our Soft Bristle Brush should be used between each cut with your clippers. But first, you need to part your client’s hair, which is where our 9-Piece Barber Comb Set comes in handy. When you’re done creating that epic fade haircut, finish with either L3VEL3 Hair Styling Pomade or Hair Brilliant Cream.

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