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L3VEL3™ Double Edge Razor Blades – 100CT

Innovative and durable double edge blades for a smoother, safer shave.

 Our safety razor blades take hair removal to a whole new level, delivering flawlessly smooth results without sacrificing comfort. They glide effortlessly over your skin, slicing every hair with insane accuracy. The polymer coated edges minimize the risk of irritation, cuts, and nicks – great if you have sensitive skin or a less-than-steady hand.

Double-Edge Razor Blades

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  • With super stainless steel for advanced durability, the blades come in a long-lasting 100-count pack. They’re compatible with most double edge razors and can also be split in half to fit a straight razor holder.


    Key Features

    • Innovative stainless steel razor blades crafted for durability, precision, and safety
    • Chromium ceramic platinum tungsten polymer coated edges for maximum comfort
    • Fit most double-edge razors and can be split to fit straight razor holders too
    • Great-value 100-pack with individually wrapped blades for safety and hygiene
    • Stamped with the L3VEL3 logo, so you get extra style points with every shave

    Why It’s a Game-Changer

    Level 3 double edge safety razor blades are here to upgrade your shaving routine. These outstanding blades are constructed from super stainless steel for maximum durability. They boast chromium ceramic platinum tungsten polymer coated edges, ensuring a comfortable, safe, and incredibly close shave. Hairs of all lengths, thicknesses, and textures are cut down in size, leaving you with the smoothest skin of your life.

    At L3VEL3, we know comfort is the key to a great shave. Thanks to our innovative, coated razor blades, you can forget about skin irritation, rawness, nicks, and red bumps. The polymer edges glide over your skin without a hitch, helping to prevent cuts and rashes. Even if you’re in a hurry or you’re a shaving newbie, you can achieve flawless results.

    Our double sided razor blades are versatile and convenient too – and they represent awesome value. They come in a long-lasting 100-count pack, so you won’t run out any time soon. They’re also cleverly designed to adapt to most types of razor holder, so you’ll get the best out of your Milly Clutch or other Level3 piece. You can simply split a blade to fit your straight razor and suit your preferred shaving method. Each blade is individually wrapped for hygienic protection and to make splitting easier and safer.

    As with all of our products, our platinum razor blades flaunt style as well as performance. We’ve stamped each blade with the L3VEL3 logo to elevate your shaving experience. You’ll feel as good as you look, with ultra-smooth skin and a swagger in your step. 

    Includes: 100 double edge safety razor blades 

    How to Use

    • For best results, slick L3VEL3 Shave Gel onto damp skin
    • Insert a blade into your double edge razor holder
    • Alternatively, split a blade in half to fit a straight razor holder
    • Glide your razor over your skin in the direction of hair growth
    • Rinse your skin clean and pat dry with a soft towel

    Works Great With…

    Want the complete L3VEL3 shaving experience? Start with L3VEL3 Shaving Gel for added skin protection and amazing fragrance. Grab the AROD-inspired Milly Clutch Razor Holder or the L3VEL3 Straight Razor Holder for enhanced control and precision plus epic style.

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