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L3VEL3 Facial Mask Application Brushes – 2 Pack

Our premium face mask brushes make application smoother, better, and easier!

Applying face masks and other skincare products can get messy without the right tools. When there’s more product on your fingers than your face, clean-up is a real pain. And besides, the ingredients can’t work effectively if they’re not evenly covering your skin. Whether you’re using face masks at home or in your salon, our mask brush set will step up to the job.

Facial Mask Application Brushes

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  • The two brushes feature densely-packed, non-shedding bristles with flat, rounded tips for smooth and even coverage. The chunky, soft-touch handles enable control and precision at all areas of the face. So when it comes to skincare application – brush up!

    Key Features

    • Strong but soft bristles glide smoothly over the skin and don’t shed
    • Flat, rounded tips cover large areas and creases around the nose
    • Comfort-grip handles ensure improved control and efficiency
    • Includes two brushes for convenience and great value
    • Ideal for applying face masks, serums, scrubs, and peels

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Our face mask brush set is ideal for skincare enthusiasts and professional salons. There are two brushes in the set, each one designed to enable precise and even coverage for optimal results. From handle to tip, these brushes help you get the most from your skincare products, enabling the ingredients to work more effectively. With these brushes, you get less mess and less stress, just super-schmooooth application that feels like a luxury.

    The bristles of each face pack brush are flexible and plush for comfortable application. They’re densely packed for enhanced softness and flawless coverage. They’re also strong to prevent shedding, because loose bristles stuck to your face is not a trending look. The brush tips are flattened and rounded, allowing you to get right into the creases around your nose and mouth, while also quickly covering large areas such as the forehead. The takeaway? These brushes make it easy to distribute a thin, even layer of product.

    As for the handles of our mask applicators, they’re chubby and comfortable to grip. They’re also just the right length for optimal control. Your fingers and wrist won’t ache during application, so even your daily skincare regimen will feel like self-care time. Quality materials ensure the durability and long lifespan of these brushes, meaning they’re a great value choice. And with two in the set, you can use a different one for each mask, or have one on standby while you wash the other.

    Our facial mask brushes are essential beauty tools for DIY and professional skincare application. Soft and smartly-designed, they help you get the best coverage and results from your products. Use them with face masks, charcoal blackhead masks, serums, face scrubs, skin peels, and more for mess-free, fuss-free application.

    Includes two brushes: 5” and 6” long.

    How to Use

    • Apply product to the bristles of your brush
    • Gently smooth the product over your forehead and cheeks
    • Use the brush tips to get into creases and cover small areas
    • Be sure to wash and sanitize the brushes after each use

    Works Great With…
    The L3VEL3 Black Mask gets deep into pores to cleanse and purify. The active ingredients include charcoal to blitz dirt and bacteria while restoring radiance. Just peel it off for the glow-up of the century! If pink is more your color, choose our peel-off mask with peach rose. It unclogs pores and mops up oil to leave your skin petal-soft.

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