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L3VEL3 Hair Claw Clips – 4 Pack

The secret to flawless hair is effective drying and styling, so parting the hair into manageable sections is a must. When you’re juggling a hairdryer and a heated styling tool, you need a clip that swiftly gets stubborn hair sections out of the way. Our 4 Pack Hair Claw Clips are cleverly designed to grip hair tightly without causing damage or scalp pain. They feature double-row teeth and a robust spring mechanism for strong hold no matter how thick the hair.

Hair Claw Clips - 4 Pack

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  • With four in the pack, these clips are perfect for home and barber shop use, and for sectioning or accessorizing the hair.

    Key Features

    • Pack of four multipurpose clips for sectioning and styling hair
    • Each side features hard and soft teeth with rounded edges
    • Reinforced springs for strong grip with no tugging or tangling
    • Large size can handle all hair types, textures, and thicknesses
    • Great value, lightweight yet durable clips for home and salon use

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    The humble hair claw just got an upgrade, courtesy of L3VEL3. We’ve developed a clip that grips hair securely but doesn’t tug or tear delicate strands. Our ingenious double-teeth design and strong jaw mechanism make light work of sectioning long, thick, and curly hair. There are four clips in the pack, representing the great value you’d expect from us. And because looks are important (call us shallow) we’ve made these clips suitable for everyday accessorizing and professional use.

    Squeeze open one of these jaw clips and check out those teeth. There are two rows of teeth on each side of the clip: one row of flexible teeth and one row of hard. The double-up design ensures every strand is secured in place but doesn’t cause the hair to get caught or pulled. The rounded tooth edges are gentle on the scalp, making these clips as comfortable to wear as they are easy to use.

    Comfort really is the buzzword with these large claw clips. Despite the reinforced springs that give excellent grip, they don’t pull the hair at the root. The clips are durable to withstand repeated use, but they’re also lightweight to prevent that unpleasant “yanked hair” feeling. You know the one. If you’re using these clips as fashion accessories, you can wear them all day in pure comfort.
    A large hair claw as a fashion statement? Yep – these clips are super-stylish in black with L3VEL3 branding in white. So whether you’re looking for professional-grade clips for your barber shop or something sleek to give your hairstyle flair, these claws work. They’re strong but gentle and capable of wrangling even the thickest hair into submission.

    Dimensions: each clip is 4” wide.

    How to Use

    • Squeeze the clip until the jaws open
    • Carefully grip the section of hair between the clip’s teeth
    • Stop squeezing and start being impressed at the powerful grip
    • Now, you can get to work styling the hair or just rock your look

    Works Great With…
    To slice precise sections ready for clamping, use our professional Hair Comb Set. Each of the nine combs makes it easy to part and section hair. Done drying and styling? Lock in the look and level-up the gloss with our multitasking Hair Spritz.

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