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L3VEL3 Hair Fiber Applicator

More control, less mess. Our hair fiber sprayer is the smart way to get great coverage.

If you care about achieving flawless results, how about a tool that gives you more control over powder application? Our hair fiber spray applicator does exactly that and more. It features a specially designed atomizer that helps you target precise areas of the scalp. The rubber bulb is easy to squeeze, and the glass jar conveniently shows you how much product is left. Ingenious.

Hair Fiber Applicator

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  • Key Features

    • Slimline nozzle for targeted powder delivery with optimal control
    • Trigger nozzle rotates for precise application at any angle
    • User-friendly rubber bulb and durable stainless steel cap
    • Clear glass jar lets you know when it’s time to refill
    • Easy to use and sanitize, reduces mess and product waste

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Applying hair fiber powder can be a messy business and yield questionable results. Seriously, those tiny fibers get everywhere. To ensure the product lands where it’s supposed to, use our hair fiber applicator with its controlled spray design. Featuring an innovative rotating nozzle and pump-action delivery, this savvy tool will greatly improve your application technique – and your results.

    Smart and slick from trigger to tip, this hair fiber pump outshines the rest. The narrow nozzle shoots hair fiber powder directly to the intended area, and nowhere else. The nozzle actually rotates, so you can target even awkward areas with effortless dexterity. That’s impressive. The pump distributes product evenly, not in clumps, ensuring a natural-looking finish. It’s ideal for home and salon use; with enhanced control of the product, you don’t need to be a pro barber to achieve flawless results.  

    What’s more, pumping is easy, thanks to the squeezable rubber bulb. You won’t strain your hand using this hair fiber spray bottle, no matter how many pumps it takes to cover an unwanted bald spot. The stainless steel cap is hard-wearing but a breeze to remove for refilling and cleaning, just like the bulb. As for the jar, it’s constructed from high-quality, crystal-clear glass for longevity and easy viewing of any powder inside.
    Our hair fiber applicator is the expert way to disperse fibers and magnetic powders. It optimizes the application process, giving you the control you need when dealing with what’s potentially a messy product. If you’re a barber, it also elevates the experience for your clients; hair fibers look so much fancier coming from a glass atomizer than a plastic container. And “fancy” is all part of the service at your barber shop, right?

    Dimensions: Container 2” H x 1.75” W. Trigger extends 8”.

    How to Use

    • Remove cap, tip hair fibers into the glass jar, close cap
    • Aim the nozzle at the desired areas
    • Pump the rubber bulb to spray fibers directly onto the hair

    Works Great With…
    Fill this applicator with L3VEL3 Hair Fibers for the complete package. This epic powder creates the appearance of thicker hair and disguises unwanted thinning areas. To neaten up the hairline and create the most natural-looking finish, throw our Hair Fiber Applicator Comb into the mix.

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