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L3VEL3 Powder Spray Bottle

Our powder spray bottle ensures precise, mess-free application of talc and hair powders.

Make “more control, less waste” your new mantra when applying powdered products. While powder is great for preventing sweat and skin irritation, it can be tricky to apply precisely and evenly. But chill: our powder spray bottle with locking nozzle takes the drama out of the job. It allows for targeted application of talc and hair powder, which cuts down on mess and clean-up duties.

Powder Spray Bottle

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  • The intelligent locking nozzle stops excess powder from escaping between pumps, saving you money and time. When you need to powder-up your client, just pump it.

    Key Features

    • Simple, convenient, comfortable, and precise pump spray operation
    • Unique mechanism draws powder to the inner tube for maximum efficiency
    • Smart locking nozzle means powder can’t spray out between uses
    • Clear container lets you see when it’s time to refill, which is easy to do
    • More control, less waste. Eliminates mess, saving you time and money

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Applying talc and other hair powders used to be a messy and wasteful business. But your time is precious, and wasting product and money is not your vibe. That’s why we created our powder spray bottle. Cleverly designed for controlled product extraction and minimal mess, it’ll help you powder like a pro. Fill it, pump it, and love it for the way it sprays powder in the right place and stops any excess from spilling out.

    The highlight of our powder spray pump is the innovative locking nozzle. After each pump, the mechanism locks to prevent unwanted bursts of powder. The nozzle is shaped for targeted delivery, so product only goes where you intend it to. That’s far better than sprinkling on powder and hoping for the best. You’ll work more efficiently, prevent costly product waste, and save yourself a lot of clean-up time.

    The talc spray bottle itself is transparent, so you can see at a glance how much product you have left. It’s easy to sanitize and refill, which is great when you have a limited window between clients. The bottle is sturdy and made to last, which, coupled with the modest price, means you get plenty bang for your buck. Comfortable to hold and operate, this bottle will fast become your new favorite way to apply hair powder.
    When a hairstyle demands powdered product, choose the most professional and efficient way to apply it. Our powder spray bottle with locking nozzle eliminates all the annoyances and hazards of working with talc. It’s a quality, innovative product that will dramatically improve your service while saving you precious time and cash.

    Dimensions: 5.6” H. Capacity: Holds 180ml of product.

    How to Use

    • Fill the bottle with your chosen powder
    • Aim the nozzle at the desired area or your brush
    • Press down the nozzle for a single, targeted spray of powder
    • Be sure to sanitize the bottle between refills

    Works Great With…
    After a cut or shave, apply talc to a L3VEL3 Neck Brush and sweep it over your client’s skin. The powder will absorb excess moisture and sweat, helping to prevent friction rashes. Then add a splash of our refreshing After Shave Cologne, for hydrated skin that smells fantastic.

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