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L3VEL3 Shaving Gel & After Shave Kit

A better shave in one bundle. Our shaving set is the sure-fire way to smooth, fresh skin.

For a professional shaving experience, you need products that complement each other. Randomly mismatched shave gel and cologne won’t produce great results – and won’t exactly inspire you when you pick up your razor. Besides, your skin deserves better, so choose the L3VEL3 shaving kit. This kit is ideal for beginners, seasoned shavers, and gifting occasions too.

Shaving Gel & After Shave Kit

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  • It includes our innovative transparent shaving gel plus our revitalizing after shave cologne in Aqua, a cool and clean fragrance that uplifts the senses.
    Key Features

    • Includes clear shaving gel and after shave in our refreshing Aqua scent
    • Transparent, non-foaming gel lets you see where you’ve already shaved
    • The gel forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent cuts and razor burns
    • The after shave is the perfect finishing touch for smooth skin that smells great
    • A complete kit for a closer shave – ideal for gifting or promoting in your shop

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Shaving should be a pleasure, not just a routine. This set, featuring our clear shave gel and refreshing after shave cologne, elevates the experience to make you feel as good as you look. The products are designed to work together for a closer shave and smoother skin with a fresh Aqua scent. Gift this kit to a shaving newbie or the man who likes the finer things in life. Alternatively, keep it for yourself to achieve pro-level results every time you reach for your razor.

    Take a deep-dive into this kit and you’ll discover our revolutionary transparent shaving gel. The clear, non-foaming formula helps you see exactly where your blade has already passed. Fewer strokes mean less irritation, ensuring the smoothest, softest skin of your life. It also saves you time, which is a bonus when you slept through your alarm. What’s more, the gel forms a barrier between skin and blade, preventing nasty nicks, cuts, and razor burn. A little of this gel goes a long way, and you can skip the hot towel but still get flawless results.

    On to the moisturizing after shave, which is the fanciest finishing touch to your regimen. It replenishes lost moisture while reducing redness and inflammation to rejuvenate post-shave skin. And the scent? Incredible. Aqua is a crisp and refreshing fragrance that lasts all day without being overpowering. When layered with the Aqua-scented shave gel, it makes your skin irresistibly kissable. 
    If you can bear to part with this kit, it makes an exciting shaving gift set for any guy. With the two innovative and inspiring products, it’s the gift that keeps on giving (and upgrading every shaving experience). This set is also an ideal shaving starter kit, since the products ensure a safer shave and great results. And if you’re a barber, you’ll want to stock up ASAP to offer your clients first-class service and products.

    Kit includes:
    1 x Transparent Shaving Gel Aqua (400 ml)
    1 x After Shave Cologne Aqua (400 ml)

    How to Use

    • Wet the skin
    • Measure out a small amount of shaving gel onto fingertips or the area to be shaved
    • Gently massage the gel to create a smooth, even layer
    • Proceed to shave the skin then rinse clean
    • Apply a few drops of cologne to fingertips then dab onto the shaved area

    Works Great With…
    What better addition to this shaving kit than the L3VEL3 Milly Clutch Razor Holder? Inspired by AROD the Barber, it sets a new standard of precision, control, and style. It’s an excellent choice, whether you’re a pro barber, DIY shaver, or fresh-faced beginner.

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