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L3VEL3 Soft Palm BrushFor defined waves and a frizz-free finish, this palm hairbrush will serve you well.

Different hair types demand different tools to keep them looking good. When it comes to waves, it’s important to choose a brush that glides through the hair without wrecking the natural pattern or stirring up frizz. And if the hair is short, the brush has to enable controlled styling while being gentle on the scalp. Our palm brush is the choice of pro barbers and home users alike.

Soft Palm Brush

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  • With an ergonomic body for excellent grip and soft nylon bristles that smooth every strand, we’ve gotta hand it to this palm brush.

    Key Features

    • Ergonomically shaped to hug the scalp and encourage natural wave patterns
    • 100% nylon bristles prevent frizz and utilize natural hair oils to boost shine
    • Bristles are gentle on scalp and skin, causing no scratches or irritation
    • Brush fits snugly in the palm of your hand for easy, controlled brushing
    • Ebony-wood body with a matte finish and beveled sides for enhanced grip

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Our men’s wave brush makes it easy to train natural waves and create a flawless, glossy finish. Take the brush in your hand and you’ll notice that it’s perfectly designed for the task. Move the bristles through wavy hair and you’ll be impressed by the smooth, defined style you’ve achieved. Whether you use this brush at home or on clients in your barber shop, it’s a specialized tool with a host of standout features.

    Starting with the body of our oval hairbrush, you’re treated to superior quality and functionality. The compact size and contoured shape offer you much-needed control when styling short waves. Luxury meets practicality, with the ebony-wood body given a matte, rubberized coating for unrivaled grip. Beveled sides improve grip too, so you won’t drop this brush, even if your hands are wet or gunky with product.

    On to the bristles, which are made of 100% nylon for comfort and efficiency. This is a soft brush for waves that sit close to the head; it whips hair into shape without scratching or irritating the scalp. The bristles keep the hair’s cuticles flat, preventing frizz and static for a smooth finish. As you brush, the bristles gently draw natural oils through the hair, encouraging a healthy shine that puts the wave pattern in the spotlight. 

    Kind to hair and scalp without compromising the results of your work, this military palm brush commands your attention. The ergonomic design is a pleasure to use while the nylon bristles give hair desirable definition. If you’re the proud wearer of waves, this brush should be on your bathroom shelf ASAP. If you’re a barber, your clients deserve nothing less than this first-class palm brush.

    Dimensions: 4.3” L x 2.5” W.

    How to Use

    • Take the brush in your palm, nestling your thumb in the side bevel
    • Gently move the brush over the scalp, following the natural wave pattern
    • For best results, start with damp hair and brush for at least 15-20 minutes

    Works Great With…
    Moisturizing is crucial to achieving healthy, defined waves. L3VEL3 Hair Styling Pomade is infused with keratin for nourished hair and brilliant shine. It locks hair in place without stickiness or residue, so your waves will always wow.

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