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L3VEL3 Styling Comb Set – 2 Pc

A set of professional hair styling combs that remove knots, shape hair, and prevent static.

With the right comb, anyone can achieve sleek, smooth hair and head-turning styles. But not all combs are created equal, as this 2 Pc Styling Comb Set proves. It includes two resin styling combs that offer superior durability, heat-resistance, and anti-static qualities. Each comb has widely-spaced teeth that glide through hair to remove tangles without tugging.

Styling Comb Set - 2 Pc

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  • Rounded tips prevent the scalp from getting scratched, while the ergonomic handles ensure your comfort during use.

    Key Features

    • Set of two combs for styling hair and removing tangles
    • Made of resin with superior strength and heat resistance
    • With an anti-static finish for smooth hair with no flyaways
    • Wide teeth glide through any hair texture or thickness
    • Rounded tips don’t damage hair or scratch the scalp

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Our hair styling combs are a need not a want. They’re made to professional standards to elevate home hairstyling and your salon service. Each comb is crafted from strong, heat-resistant resin that’s also anti-static for a smooth hair finish with no flyaways. The wide teeth with rounded tips breeze through any hair texture, removing tangles, optimizing drying time, and shaping styles without tugging or scratching. And with two combs in the set, you get superior quality plus great value.

    This styling comb set outshines the rest for all your detangling and shaping needs. The combs are made of resin for strength and longevity, which means they’ll work through even thick and unruly hair without snapping. The resin is also heat-resistant, so you can use these combs alongside your hairdryer and flat irons. Want more? The combs are anti-static to tame flyaways and promote sleek, smooth, shiny hair. Impressive, no?

    These are wide tooth styling combs, so they can handle all hair types, textures, and thicknesses. They remove even stubborn tangles without tugging, which is great for people with sensitive scalps, and they help to speed up drying time too. Additionally, the teeth have rounded tips that don’t scratch or irritate the scalp or neck. Hand strain won’t be a problem either, thanks to the smooth, ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold.

    If you’re looking for professional barber combs that enhance your work, you just found ‘em. If you want to upgrade your combs for better results at home, they’re here. Literally anyone can achieve sleek and glossy hair with these versatile resin combs. They detangle, shape, and polish all hair types more effectively than any other comb you’ve known.

    Dimensions: 7” long. Includes: 2 hair styling combs.

    How to Use

    • Run one of these combs through wet hair to detangle before cutting
    • Glide a comb through the hair as you dry, to create a sleek finish
    • Use a comb to lift and shape the hair while adding hairspray
    • Easily distribute hair products using the comb’s wide teeth
    • The uses and possibilities are endless…

    Works Great With…
    You’ve shaped the perfect pompadour, now lock it in place with L3VEL3 Hair Spray. The strong-hold, non-sticky formula gives a natural yet long-lasting look. Working with longer hair? A dash of Oil Sheen Spray will amp up the gloss and nourish those fragile strands.

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