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The Level 3 VIP BOX is the bundle that helps us express what we are about. Enjoy the varity of our products in premium packaging that showcases the beauty behind our products.

DISCLAIMER! If one of the products is out of stock, we will replace the product with a variant of it. i.e. if the Aqua Shaving Gel is out of stock, it will be replaced with the Ice Shaving gel instead. Thank you for understanding.

    VIP Box

    Excluding Sales Tax |
    • VIP Box Includes:

      • Forming Cream (5oz)
      • Pomade (5oz)
      • Paste (5oz)
      • Spider Wax (5oz)
      • Shaving Gel (16.9oz)
      • AfterShave Cologne (13.5oz)
      • Black Mask (8.45oz)
      • Hair Spray (383gr)
      • Styling Powder (1oz)
      • Hand Sanitizer (.17oz)

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