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L3VEL3 White Facial Towels – 3 Pc

Upgrade to these luxurious barber towels, perfect for haircuts and hot shaves.

Whether in your barber shop or at home, towels are an everyday essential. They’re great for the little tasks and can turn a shave or facial into something deluxe. But don’t settle for just any towel fabric; for comfort and practicality, you need premium material that performs. Our 3 Pc White Face Towels have you covered, with 100% high-quality cotton for super softness and absorbency.

White Facial Towels - 3 Pc

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  • They’re made to last and never let you down, even after countless washes. Hair-drying, skincare regimens, and fancy hot shaves all just got elevated.   

    Key Features

    • Made of premium-grade 100% cotton for sumptuous softness
    • Towels stay pristine and retain peak absorbency, wash after wash
    • Professionally hemmed edges for extra durability and comfort
    • Represent excellent value for money with three in a pack
    • Versatile for hot shaves, haircuts, hair-drying, and general use

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    At L3VEL3, we’re all about elevation. We believe that even the humble shave towel should be a thing of beauty and elite performance. So for an elevated experience, our towels are superior in softness, absorbency, and the finer details. Top-notch quality needn’t come with a top-level price tag though, so our towels are affordable enough to stockpile. Run, don’t walk to get these towels for your barber shop or bathroom.

    The greatness of any facial towel starts with the fabric. Ours are made of 100% cotton that feels soft against the skin but soaks up water like a champ. The cotton takes you to another level of luxury, gently caressing as it dries your skin and hair. Neatly hemmed edges ensure there are no scratchy corners and also help lengthen the towels’ lifespan. If you’re a barber, using these towels will turn a simple service into a five-star experience for your clients.

    Luxury should not be a one-time experience, so our cotton face towels are made to last. They stand up to repeated washing, remaining soft and absorbent to give you max value for money. With proper care, they stay white and pristine, because grubby-looking towels are an instant turn-off. The hemmed edges resist fraying and give a sophisticated finish.
    Boasting impressive softness and purity, our white barber towels were born to be used during hot shaves. Wrap a client’s face in one, and he’ll enter a new realm of relaxation, with skin that’s perfectly prepped for shaving. You deserve a taste of the high life at home too, so after cleansing, pat your face dry with one of these plush towels. Soft, absorbent, versatile, and luxurious, these towels will elevate your every day.

    Includes 3 x towels. 100% cotton. Dimensions: 27” L x 13.5” W.

    How to Use

    • Wrap a client’s face in one of these towels to prep his skin for shaving
    • Or use to gently pat your face dry after rinsing off a charcoal mask
    • Or use to squeeze out remaining water from freshly-washed hair

    Works Great With…
    Our facial towels are the first step to a next-level hot shave. For the smoothest skin and a close cut, pop a blade in our Straight Razor Holder. It’s cleverly designed for precision, control, and efficiency. Finish by splashing on our Lemon Sanitizing Cologne for zingy scent and a kissable complexion.

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