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L3VEL3 Hair Gel Bundle

A set of hair styling gels to level-up haircuts and your salon service.
We’re all about taking things to the next level, and that includes hairstyles. Our hair gel bundle kit brings you two of our most innovative, high-performance styling products for personal and professional use. The kit includes 100ml and 1000ml sizes of our innovative cream gel and unshakeable hair gel. The smaller pots are ideal for using at home or for selling to clients in your barber shop. 

Hair Gel Bundle

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  • The larger size represents awesome value for salon use, especially when you have multiple clients to style each day.

    Key Features

    • Includes two pots each of our hair styling gel and cream gel
    • Get great value for your barber shop from the 1000ml tubs
    • Use the 100ml pots at home or promote them to clients
    • The smart way to recommend and sell the gels you use
    • Both gels are developed to lock in styles and boost shine

    Why It’s a Game-Changer

    You get double the styling potential with this hair gel kit. With two products in two practical pot sizes, you can play around with looks on yourself or your salon clients. If you want to level-up your barber shop, you can market the products to your fanbase. If you’re feeling generous, this makes an ideal men’s hair gel gift set. Wherever and however you use these gels, you get locked-in style with major volume and shine. The cream gel delivers the bonus of vitamin B5, to nourish and strengthen hair while you get your hustle on.

    This is a dope hair styling kit for your barber shop. Whether your client imagines sky-high spikes or a polished pompadour, you’ll be equipped with the right gel for the job. For unbreakable styles, use the strong hold hair gel, which keeps hair in place all day while adding shine and definition. The flake-free formula is easily workable and leaves hair glossy, not greasy. For medium hold, amplified volume, and lustrous shine, reach for the hair cream gel. Infused with vitamin B5, it nourishes as it styles for stronger, healthier hair.

    And it’s not just the formulas that make this hair gel set so versatile. The pot sizes cater to all your needs, from personal use to professional hairstyling and in-salon merch-selling. Whip out the 1000ml big guns to use on clients’ hair; the huge pot size will see you through countless styles. To help your clients recreate their looks at home, promote the 100ml pots in an IG-worthy display of L3VEL3 styling products.

    For every look on your to-do list, our hair gel kit offers a styling solution. The innovative gel formulas are easy to apply, perform like a boss, and leave hair looking fresh all day long. The pot sizes represent choice, value, and convenience, whether you’re a barber or just a regular guy who likes to look fly.

    How to Use

    • Scoop out enough product to handle your hair’s length and texture
    • Work the product between your palms for a few seconds
    • Apply the product evenly throughout the hair to create your desired style

    Styling Tips
    Our Hair Gel is ideal for creating high-rise fauxhawks and modern spikes. It locks straight and curly hair in place without the horror-show hardness you remember from your youth. If quiffs, pompadours, and shags are your thing, our Cream Gel will whip ‘em into shape while adding beautiful shine and a vitamin boost.

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