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L3VEL3 Hand Sanitizer - 250ml

Show you take hygiene seriously. Put our hand sanitizer gel on your barber shop counter.
As a barber, you’re shaking hands, cutting hair, and handling cash all day. Your skin gets dirty and you risk catching something nasty from germs and bacteria that you can’t see. Likewise, your clients are exposed to potential infections when they drop in for haircut – no matter how sanitary your shop is. With 70% alcohol, germs don’t stand a chance.

Hand Sanitizer - 250 ml

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  • Protect yourself and others with our hand sanitizer that delivers powerful cleansing and protection against the bad stuff. This practical, great-value bottle size is ideal for your counter and barber stations, to show you take hygiene seriously.  
    Key Features

    • Maximum protection from the special formula with 70% alcohol
    • Antibacterial with powerful action that kills 99.9% of germs
    • Effectively shields skin against germs, bacteria, and infections
    • Non-sticky, fast-drying gel sanitizes skin and leaves a fresh scent
    • Practical size for your barber shop counter and stations

    Why It’s a Game-Changer

    In pandemic times and always, good hygiene is important. Our antibacterial hand sanitizer is your first line of defense against germs when constant hand-washing isn’t an option. Although there’s no substitute for soap and water, this gel works hard to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and infections. It leaves a protective layer on your skin that shields you against potential pathogens. It removes dirt and grime, replacing the gunk with a refreshing fragrance. Non-sticky and fast-drying, this gel is great for personal and pro use.
    Boosted with 70% alcohol, our sanitizer gel actively destroys germs to keep you safe. When you’ve touched surfaces or people and you can’t get to a sink, rub in a few drops of this gel to blitz any lingering nasties. For leveled-up protection, the gel creates a barrier on your skin that prevents germs from breaking through. Whether you’re touching clients’ hair and skin or greeting your fam with a fist-bump, this gel stops germs in their tracks.
    Sticky hands are gross, so our antibacterial gel soaks in quickly and leaves no residue on your skin. It does, however, leave a pleasantly fresh scent that will recharge your senses. Choose from two different fragrances to match your vibe and feel refreshingly clean. From a client’s perspective, having a highly-protective and fresh-smelling gel on offer will inspire confidence in your service.
    So position our hand sanitizer prominently in your barber shop, to show your commitment to hygiene and safety. At home, keep a bottle handy for extra protection before you head out the door. Just flip the cap, get gelly with it, and go do your thing.
    How to Use

    • Pour enough gel into your palms to evenly cover your hands
    • Rub your hands together quickly until the gel has dried
    • Don’t rinse your hands after applying the gel 

    Works Great With…

    Germs and viruses can spread through the air as well as via your skin. So do your duty and mask-up with a L3VEL3 Face Mask. They’re designed for ultimate protection and breathability, along with a pop of style from the five bold colors. In your barber shop, snap on a pair of L3VEL3 Nitrile Gloves to stay protected against germs, sharp objects, and harmful chemicals.

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