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L3VEL3 Hand Sanitizer 50 ml

The hustle don’t stop, so stay protected on the go with our hand sanitizer 50 ml gel.

Fist-bumps, styling clients’ hair, handling cash, touching surfaces… your hands do a lot throughout the course of the day. All of that skin-to-skin contact exposes you to dirt, germs, and viruses, which is not awesome. But when you’re busy or out in public, you can’t wash your hands as often as you’d like. While washing is the preferred method of protection, our hand sanitizer is the best back-up.

Hand Sanitizer - 50 ml

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  • Containing 70% alcohol, the antibacterial formula kills 99.9% of germs and shields you against infection.It’s non-sticky and smells fresh, and the bottle size is handy for carrying in your pocket.

    Key Features

    • Specially formulated with 70% alcohol for maximum protection
    • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria for hygienically clean hands
    • Adds a protective layer on the skin to guard against infection
    • Non-sticky and dries fast, leaving hands soft with a fresh scent
    • Handy size for your pocket or bag and great for barber shop clients

    Why It’s a Game-Changer
    Pandemic or not, our antibacterial hand sanitizer is a must-have. It provides powerful protection against germs, bacteria, and infections when hand-washing isn’t an option. The high-alcohol formula eliminates germs while removing dirt and grime from your skin. Your hands won’t feel sticky after using the gel, which dries quickly and cleanly. And there are two available scents that’ll make your hands smell super-fresh. Carry the compact bottle with you everywhere for quick and effective protection on the fly.

    So, how does our sanitizer gel protect you against germs? For starters, it contains 70% alcohol, which kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and other infectious stuff. For enhanced protection, the gel forms a barrier on your skin that keeps germs out. That’s beneficial whether you’re a barber serving multiple clients a day or just a regular person.

    Sticky hands are a turn-off, so our antibacterial gel dries quickly and leaves no residue on your skin. Along with the refreshingly clean feeling, you’ll get a hit of invigorating fragrance to perk up your senses. There are two different scents available because choice is a good thing, right? Massage this gel into your hands before you greet your barber shop clients or your fam; they’ll appreciate your commitment to hygiene.

    At a conveniently compact size, this makes an ideal pocket hand sanitizer for anyone. Stash it somewhere handy for quick but effective clean-ups on the go. The cap flips open easily so you can dispense the gel, get protected, and get back to hustlin’.

    How to Use

    • Pour enough gel into your palms to evenly cover your hands
    • Rub your hands together quickly until the gel has dried
    • Don’t rinse your hands after applying the gel

    Works Great With…
    Level-up your safety in pandemic times with a L3VEL3 Face Mask. Offering superior protection, comfort, and breathability, our face coverings come in packs of three and five hot colors. In your barber shop, glove-up with L3VEL3 Nitrile Gloves. These best-sellers keep you safe from germs, hairdressing chemicals, and sharp objects.

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