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Razor Holder & Blade Bundle -

Play it straight but street with our innovative barber razor holder.

Shaving with a double-edge blade needn’t be a risky task that produces unpredictable results. Not with L3VEL3 anyways, as we’ve dropped a uniquely efficient product that combines innovative design with a splash of personality. Offering enhanced control for optimal precision and a flawless finish, our straight razor holder performs as dope as it looks.

    Razor Holder & Blade Bundle

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    • It enables a closer, smoother shave via a slim, stainless steel body and a hard-wearing, easy-grip plastic handle. And with a choice of vibrant colors, this razor holder puts your style on the trending list along with your skills.

      Key Features

      • Smartly designed for precise, safe shaving and flawless results
      • Body crafted from anodized stainless steel for durability and style
      • Plastic handle features three rivets for sturdiness and a longer lifespan
      • Slimline and lightweight, making it comfortable to use and easy to control
      • Comes in a choice of popping colors to match your vibe and set you apart

      Innovative and durable double edge blades for a smoother, safer shave.

      It’s time to shake-up the way you shave! Our safety razor blades take hair removal to a whole new level, delivering flawlessly smooth results without sacrificing comfort. They glide effortlessly over your skin, slicing every hair with insane accuracy. The polymer coated edges minimize the risk of irritation, cuts, and nicks – great if you have sensitive skin or a less-than-steady hand. With super stainless steel for advanced durability, the blades come in a long-lasting 100-count pack. They’re compatible with most double edge razors and can also be split in half to fit a straight razor holder.  

      Key Features

      • Innovative stainless steel razor blades crafted for durability, precision, and safety
      • Chromium ceramic platinum tungsten polymer coated edges for maximum comfort
      • Fit most double edge razors and can be split to fit straight razor holders too
      • Great-value 100-pack with individually wrapped blades for safety and hygiene
      • Stamped with the L3VEL3 logo, so you get extra style points with every shave

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